Spill-Aid Absorbent Granules

Just brush away those awkward spills

Suitable for use on any type of fluid from oil to wine including semi liquids suce as treacle, jam and runny honey.

Human & Animal wastes - Blood - Vomit - Oil - Petrol - Diesel - Pesticides - Herbicides - Solvents - Acids* - Alkalies - Paints including Oil and Water-based - Glycols including Anti-Freeze - Vegetable Oils - Butter - Beverages - All liquids or semi liquids  (*Excluding Hydrofluorice Acid)

Granules are totally inert, environmentally friendly with no ill effects on humans, animals, plants, tiles, cement or asphalt.  It is not a chemical - it is a natural product.

It is light weight only weighing 4.5kg per 30L bag.

Spill-Aid does not leach - once the spill has been absorbed it will not let go.

  • Body Fluid Clean Up
  • 1 x 30L
Spill-Aid Absorbent Granules information: Download

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